Ah, Bread. The food that prompted me to start this blog.

I have attempted bread four times. The first three were whole wheat bread attempted. They never rose. Proofed the yeast, was following a whole wheat bread recipe, tried both the refrigerator kind and an actual kneading recipe. No dice.

I then tried the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day recipe, except I used bleached flour instead of unbleached flour. Which, had I used the actual book, I would have realized was 1) wrong, and 2) needed less water. I developed a bread dough that rose (yay!), but the dough was very wet, hard to work with, and sticky. I did bake a loaf in my dutch oven, however, the bottom burned. Other than that, it was amazing!

I do want to make my own bread. I don’t really eat bread all that much, so I want a cheaper way to make it than paying 2.50 a loaf or more. I do want to learn to make whole wheat bread, as I want it to be at least slightly healthier than white bread.

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