Cold Brewed Coffee

I love Coffee.

My typical Starbucks order is 5 bucks. (Mmm, Iced Venti Soy Caramel Macchiato). But, it is expensive.

Since I enjoy iced coffee, when I make it at home, I make Cold Brewed Iced Coffee. It is very simple, with just a small preplanning element.

A french press (such as Bodum Brazil Glass 3-Cup Coffee Press, Black )

You can play around with the amount of coffee and water mixture. You need to brew super strength coffee. I tend to do 1/4th coffee in the french press, then fill the rest with water. Let sit overnight (up to about 12 hours or so is fine), then press the coffee to the bottom. Pour off the coffee concentrate.

I make iced coffee, so I pour about 1/4 of a glass with concentrate, add a few ice cubes, then fill the rest with soy milk. I like my coffee super sweet, so I typically add Torani Syrup, Sugar-Free Vanilla. I like the sugar free vanilla in iced coffee, but I have also used the Caramel syrup (and caramel sauce).

You can also heat the coffee, but I have not tried that yet.

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  1. Sarah said

    Oh man, I love coffee in all its forms. You have me drooling here!

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