Chicken Marsala with Onions

I made chicken marsala again tonight. Used the last of our chicken breasts, unless I have missed some in the freezer :)

Made a few changes. I used onions, which added a sweetness to the final dish. I did not add the flour until later, which did not thicken the sauce as much as I would like. I had the heat on too high, so I removed the chicken before it was done, and let it finish cooking in the sauce at the end.

I do think I will use the onion again, it was good. I will endeavor to remember the flour at an earlier stage, so the sauce can thicken. :)

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  1. Sarah said

    When I want to thicken a sauce I usually use corn starch. It doesn’t have such a floury texture and cooks away to almost nothing.
    I want chicken now…mmmmm…

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