Ode to Rotel

I love Rotel Diced Tomato With Green Chilis. Absolutely. The best (easy) cheese dip is a can of Rotel Tomatoes and Velveeta Cheese. Heaven.

I recently scored great deal on Green Enchilada Sauce at Target. In the same section, they had Rotel. But, rather than simply Rotel with Green Chilies, this was Rotel with Habaneros.


I took a bite of the tomato, and my mouth is still burning! :)

In the rice cooker, I have two cups of rice, 3.5 cups of water, some kosher salt, and half a can of Rotel. I warmed the other half with the chicken from the crockpot. Mix together, add cheese, and serve. Yummy, and very spicy!

(If anyone can tell me where I can buy Rotel with Habaneros online, I would love it!)

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