Pink Cupcakes

I signed up to take a Cake decorating class. Saturday was our first class, which basically discussed supplies and icing. I bought a fancy “Wilton 50-Piece Tool and Caddy Decorating Set,” and of course had to come play with it.

Yet, even with knowing how to make the icing? I still have to remember to grease my silly silicone baking cups. Yeah, I didnt do it, and I think the cupcakes (from a mix, I was in a hurry) were slightly underdone. Still, it was an excuse to play with my camera, and show you the attempt. :)

Single Cupcake

(By the way, if you ever want to at least keep some semblance that cake is, well, not horrible for you, then please do not read the recipe for the decorators icing. I think salt is the “healthiest” ingredient that is there. Which, adding the pinch of salt really did cut down on the super sweetness.)

All the Cupcakes

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  1. Sister said

    At least they look cute

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