Petit Fours and Poured Fondant

So, with the failed Red Velvet Cake, I still attempted to make Petit Fours.

Single Petit Four

I made a simple cream cheese frosting with cream cheese and powdered sugar. I cut some of the cake layers in half, and for others just stacked half the cake on top of the other. In hindsight, the middle frosting was way too thick, and the cake slid around (hence, I was not able to get the fancy poured fondant to be all nice and pretty on the sides.

I used King Arthur Flour’s Poured Fondant recipe. I used Wilton Red Candy Melts, powdered sugar, corn syrup, and water. I melted this, then put it into a disposable piping bag to put over the tops of the Petit fours.

I *think* that if I had 1) a full cake, and not a fallen one, 2) a thinner icing for between the layers, 3) smooth squares, and 4) a whole lot more patience, I could get fancy looking petit fours. I think my next attempt might be with pound cake or something heavier. Or, maybe a pound cake to work on the icing of the sides before I attempt another layered petit four :)
Petit Fours

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