Whole Wheat Devils Food Cake (Take One)

Contradiction in terms? Not quite :)

I picked up The King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion from the library (I love libraries :) It had a recipe for Devils Food Cake that seemed really good. I have also been on a whole wheat kick, and had bought King Arthur Flour White Whole Wheat flour to try.

Then I found their recipe for whole wheat cake!. Its not 100% whole wheat, but it is slightly healthier than pure white flour :)

I liked the mix of brown sugar and white sugar, I think I will keep that. Next time, I want to try it with my whole wheat pastry flour, and with about 2tbsp cornstarch replacing part of the flour. (Make my own cake flour!). I do not think I have tasted enough made from scratch cakes to notice a difference using the white whole wheat; as it was, it was great :)

Of course, I burned the bottoms of the pans. I tried to do 2 9 inch layers, and it did not work, because my racks had to be so low to the bottom. I also ended up with a very moist upper layer, which I had with my box mix cakes, so I should figure out how to change that. Any ideas?


  1. Heather! said

    Why do your pans have to be so low to the bottom? Aren’t they supposed to be in the middle of your oven? You know I don’t bake, but I’m glad you’re learning how to, so when you come to visit I can have yummy things.

    • AmandaLP said

      My oven is 14 inches tall, including the broiler. The cake pans are two inches tall. Putting one rack on the very lowest part of the oven, and one in the middle gives me room for the two cake pans. Any other arrangement means I have one cake pan. I might try this next time with the 8×3 pan and cupcakes, and see how that turns out.

  2. Heather! said

    Then the logical solution would be to get a bigger oven…or bake the cakes one at a time. Or…you could move back to a state where 14 inch ovens are ridiculous.

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