Pumpkin Brioche

Pumpkin Brioche Cinnamon Monkey Bread

Pumpkin Brioche Cinnamon Monkey Bread

I am part of the new Baking group for Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

Our first recipe was a secret recipe, given to just the baking group! It is also listed in the book, as Pumpkin Brioche, made with partial white whole wheat flour.

I swear I read Recipes. I dumped everything in the bowl (since this book uses Vital Wheat Gluten, you have to mix the dry ingredients first so it does not lump up. Then put in the wet ingredients.

I, for whatever reason, did not see the water in the recipe! I mixed it up, and it was really really dry. I thought I had done something wrong, but looking at the recipe I still did not see any water. The dough did not rise.

Then, I found the water in the recipe! And it rose beautifully. I doubled the spices in the recipe since a few people said that they did not come through in the dough.

To make the monkey bread, I used small pieces of the pumpkin brioche, rolled them in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar, and put into a large bundt pan. I was in a rush, so they only rose for about 45 minutes. The last time I attempted monkey bread (with the Brioche recipe from the first book), I let it rise overnight in the fridge, and it rose quite a bit higher.

The muffins I used a slightly larger piece, and baked them in muffin pans. they turned out well, they would be good at Thanksgiving with butter :)

Of course, what would this blog be (at least the idea of this blog) without a fail. I burned the mini loaves. And they were baked in silicone!

Attempted Mini Monkey Breads

Attempted Mini Monkey Breads

There will be another secret recipe posted in December, then the actual baking group start in January! I am so excited :)


  1. Heather! said

    So did you bake the Brioche from the first picture?

    • AmandaLP said

      Um, yes, I did bake the brioche from the first picture :) The second was to prove that I burned part of it, but it still came out :)

  2. Joanne said

    What a good idea to make this into monkey bread! I bet with some added cinnamon and brown sugar, that was fantastic.

    I do crazy things like leave critical ingredients out of recipes all the time. It happens to the best of us!

    • AmandaLP said

      Ya know, I have brown sugar, and I never think about using it! I totally should! :)

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  4. Michelle said

    OH Amanda your Monkey Bread looks so good! I just love the way how the drizzling looks on it. I love making Monkey Bread, it’s just so much fun!

  5. Danielle said

    oh, I love the idea of using it for monkey bread! it looks so darned good

  6. Just love the creativity running around loose in this group! The monkey bread was a great idea!

  7. Lu said

    Looks fantastic! The mini loaves look good too, even though they’re a little heat challenged :)

  8. Monkey Bread looks great!
    It’s probably much more flavorful with this dough.
    Great for Thanksgiving morning with coffee :)

  9. Judy said

    Glad you were able to figure out what was missing. I do things like that all the time!!

  10. Jane in GA said

    Thanks for another great idea. Monkey Bread!

  11. Kim said

    I love your idea for the monkey bread – I’m willing to bet that was one delicious treat :D

  12. megan said

    Monkey bread was a very clever idea. It looks delicious!

  13. Old Pop said

    Loved the Monkey Bread Idea

  14. girlichef said

    Oh, monkey bread!!! I adore monkey bread :) What a fabulous idea to use this brioche to make it. Looks delish (well, the first pic…LOL!) ;)

  15. Cristie said

    Monkey Bread?!? Who could refuse that! Love it!

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