Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Well, Liveblogging Thanksgiving did not quite work. Still, I am in absolute shock that Thanksgiving went off as well as it did. The worst disaster was that the pecan pie did not set. Otherwise, it had rave reviews from my friends, one of which said it was the best meal she had ever had. Everyone enjoyed the food. The biggest complaint was that there was too much, and they could not even sample it all.

My family has 16 or more people at most big holiday meals, so I guess I will have to learn how to make smaller portions! Some of the recipes are coming soon :)

The two crock pot dishes were great. I could set them in the crock pots to heat, and not have to worry about them. For someone with a small kitchen, that was really nice. I wish I had more room in the freezer for more preparation time, instead of just that week.

The pizza fondue was a good hit, and I will make it again. I will do more exploring with rolls, since these were really good out of the oven, they went hard and stale pretty quickly. My Thanksgiving gift to myself was the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking, so I will have some whole wheat options to try this time. Along with Healthy Bread in Five, I think I will endeavor to have all of my baked goods next year incorporate some form of whole grain. (My partner complained that he has given up hope to have a store bought loaf of bread at my house. Too bad!)

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