Cupcake Business Class

On Wednesday, I attended a Cupcake Business class, sponsored by Cupcakes Take the Cake. I got to meet Rachel Kramer Bussel, and Nichelle Stephens (they cofounded the blog). Nichelle liked my Chocolate Orange Cupcakes with Chocolate Orange Marmalade Buttercream! (Recipe to be posted in a few days).

Presenting at the class were Marlo Scott, owner of Sweet Revenge, and Michelle Dobrawsky. Michelle gave us some great information about the business side of things, including trademarks, and what you can and cannot protect legally.

Marlo talked quite a bit about her business, and the research that went into it. There was a long discussion about branding and image, which is something that I am considering how to do.

We went after the class to her cupcake, wine, and beer bar. I got cupcakes to go. Her “Pure” cupcake was divine! The dark chocolate was very dark, and the Sweet Revenge cupcake was a strong and sweet peanut butter dream. :)

The class talked about protecting recipes, and how to do it. Marlo said that she gave away the recipe for the Pure cupcakes, and it has only helped her business. (BTW, I also learned that I should probably be using quite a bit more extract in my recipes, both her recipe and the one from Erin McKenna of BabyCakesNYC used 2-3 tbsp of flavoring, vs the 1-2 tsp that most of my recipes call for. Will have to try this next time.

What I learned? I probably do not have the passion or time needed to run my own cupcake business. However, one of the main themes of my life is integrating the many things that I am interested in pursuing into one package. (My thesis had four main components.) I am now brewing an idea of how to mix my love of cupcakes and baking/cooking with my want to run a business (or non-profit), and also providing healthy food for my neighborhood. But, I think that will wait until I am done with school. (Don’t worry mom, the idea that I have will use my MSW degree.)

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