Microwave Single Serve Rice Krispy

Since I can burn Rice Krispies, I decided to go with the microwave. Leaving out the butter creates a slightly different tasting treat, but one that is still great!

The original recipe includes 4 cups of marshmallows for 6 cups of Rice Krispies. Using a fancy skill called Math, that is one cup of marshmallows for 1.5 cups of cereal.

Spray a glass bowl with nonstick spray. Put marshmallows into the bowl, and melt. (You could melt butter in the bowl first, then add marshmallows and stir, if you want butter.) It takes about two minutes in my microwave, so it will probably take less in yours.

Spray a silicon spatula with non stick spray. Dump rice Krispies into the marshmallows, and stir. Eat.

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  1. Amy said

    I love doing this and I enjoy them the very most when they are still warm.

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