Gluten Free

One of the ideas that I have running around my head is experimenting with “alternative cupcakes.” Not to the extent of BabyCakes Vegan Gluten Free low sugar cupcakes, but, specifically, gluten free and how to lower sugar/boost nutrition, and still have the cupcake seem like a cupcake.

I am a pretty dedicated King Arthur Flour baker. I like their dedication to standards and quality, their business model, as well as the baking education that they give, both online and off. I picked up some of their new gluten free baking mix (expensive!) and am looking for good recipes to try.

Also, anyone want to send me 1-2 oz of Xanthum gum? This goes by teaspoonfulls in recipes, yet I can only find 8 oz containers of it. Silly.

Recipes on my list of things to try:
Zahirah did gluten free chocolate peanut butter muffins, which look pretty good, and use honey instead of white sugar.

Something from BabyCakes Cookbook

Anyone have good links for gluten free cakes/cupcakes/pastries?

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