Cake Mix in the Slow Cooker

My partner decided he wanted to bake for me. He mixed up a cake mix, and put in chocolate chips. The pans were prepared, the mix was poured in, they were placed in the oven.

then the oven door would not close.

At some point between preheating the oven, and putting the cake in, the spring that held the door hinge in place had shifted. thus, our oven is broken.

(Which is bad, because I had great plans for baking roasted buns this weekend. Now thwarted.)

The six cupcakes were put in the freezer, since you can Freeze Cupcake Batter the rest of the batter went into the crock pot.

hey, its a mini oven, does not get as hot, and serves as bakeware and oven in one!

Two hours on high in the 5.5 qt Crock Pot, with the lid on, and the cake was done. I scooped it out and poured some creamer over it while it was warm. After it cooled, it still had a slightly fudgy consistancy (probably due to both the baking method and the chocolate chips). I will be eating the rest probably with some ice cream :)

So, yes, you can bake a cake mix in the crock pot/slow cooker.


  1. Joanne said

    That is so awesome! way to not let that batter go to waste. I’m impressed.

  2. Samantha said

    honestly, this is so cool. I would have NEVER thought to do that in a million years.

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