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(Title is Actual Quote from today.)

Imagine a food. This is a food that you may enjoy various concoctions and flavors. You might even be a bit experimental.

Then, someone places something in your hand. It looks like this food. It even has the ingredients and components of this food. Yet, when you take a bite, your brain goes:


Your brain knows the components. They even sound good, if slightly on the experimental cutting edge of food.

Celery Root Carrot Cake. Okay, celery root isn’t all that traditional, but carrot cake is pretty good.

Blue Cheese Buttercream. Well, okay, kinda weird, but you had that pear olive oil cake with blue cheese buttercream that was pretty good, so you go for it.

Fried Chicken. Okay, unorthodox, but chicken and waffles is a southern delicacy, and you have even had the chicken ‘n waffle cupcake and it was good.

Citrus Buffalo Sauce. Which they should bottle and sell it was so good. Tangy and spice and I dont even like buffalo sauce.

Put it together? You have a cupcake that defies words, that is the bastard love child of an evil scientist and a high couture pastry chef.*

I give you, the Hot Josh.

“Celery root & carrot cake with Point Reyes blue cheese buttercream and citrus tinged Buffalo chicken.”

You take a bite. Your brain processes the cake. Not to sweet, very moist, very good. You bite into the chicken. Spicy, tangy, good. Yet, somehow, your brain refuses to process the combination of all of the components.

Seriously. My brain rejected this experience.


I can remember the taste of the buffalo chicken. And I kinda remember the cake. But even though I took several bites of everything together, I have no memory of that flavor.

They blew my brain. How many of you can say that a cupcake (or any food) did the same for you?

Read their post about the Hot Josh at Robicellis.tumblr.com.

*Actually, it is a husband and wife team, and both parties embody both examples. :)

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