Trying all the Robicellis Flavors

I am on a quest to try every Robicellis Flavor that exists. This may mean talking Matt and Allison into making discontinued flavors for me! If I can get 45 other crazy people together, we can special order these flavors (while in season). Anyone care to join me?

The following are flavors that I have not tried yet, and notes are in parenthesis.

Sweet Potato Casserole: Sweet potato cake, toasted marshmallow buttercream, turbinado sugar (Thanksgiving 2011)

Chocolate Merlot: Chocolate merlot cake and buttercream, merlot reduction, fresh black pepper (Appearing November 30)

(Appearing December 9th)
NEW! Port Poached Pear: Pear cake, vanilla buttercream, port poached pears, port reduction
NEW! Gingerbread Man: Gingerbread cake, white chocolate pudding, speculoos buttercream, white chocolate dipped gingerbread man
NEW! Milk & Cookies: Brown sugar chocolate chip cake, mascarpone buttercream, chopped chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate Candy Cane: Chocolate mint cake, peppermint buttercream, crushed candy canes

Chocolate Paneforte: Chocolate cake, mascarpone buttercream, topped with homemade Italian Paneforte (Holiday 2011)

Grasshopper: Mint chocolate chocolate chip cake, mint buttercream, ground chocolate *DISCONTINUED*

Meyer Lemon Cranberry: Lemon-cranberry cake, Meyer lemon buttercream, dried cranberries Meyer lemon curd (Was a special Event cake)

Lemon Blueberry Ricotta: Italian lemon cake, ricotta buttercream, blueberries with lemon zest

Green Tea Mandarin: Green tea-mandarin cake, matcha buttercream, honey glazed mandarins (Chinese New Year)

The Leung: Asian pear-ginger cake, lemon-wasabi buttercream , roasted pear, ginger sugar *DISCONTINUED* (I have asked for this cupcake every time Allison asks for cupcake schedule flavors.)

Apricot Chardonnay: Apricot chardonnay cake, apricot buttercream, chardonnay simmered Turkish apricot

Mango Coconut: Coconut cake, caramelized mango buttercream, roasted coconut

Lime in da Coconut: Coconut-lime cake and buttercream, roasted coconut and lime zest

Salty Dog: Tequila grapefruit cake & buttercream, grapefruit zest and sea salt

Breakfast of Champions: Vanilla cake, salted caramel and espresso buttercream, Liddabit Sweet’s “Breakfast of Champions” Caramel Corn (special Market Flavor)

The Andie: White chocolate cake, fresh strawberry buttercream, white chocolate ganache ***DISCONTINUED***
The Blaine: Rich white vanilla cake, vanilla pudding, vanilla buttercream, edible gold dust *DISCONTINUED*

The IndyFornia: Blueberry swirl cake, “Hoosier Pie” topping (sweet cream buttercream and brown sugar brittle) **DISCONTINUED**
The “Thyme?!?!?! THERE’S NEVER ANY THYME!!!!”: Apricot- Napa Valley chardonnay cake and buttercream accented by fresh thyme

Red, White and Blue: Vanilla cake filled with homemade mixed berry jam, mascarpone buttercream, fresh berries ******4th of July Only!*****

Key Lime Cheesecake: Graham cracker cake, key lime curd, key lime cheesecake buttercream, toasted graham cracker crumbs

Black & White: Vanilla cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate, homemade black and white cookie **DISCONTINUED**

The Saccenti: Fresh fig cake, ricotta buttercream, port wine reduction, tri colored peppercorn*

Banana Split: Banana cake, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla buttercreams, whipped cream, chopped nuts, cookie crumbs, whipped cream, maraschino cherry
Kiwanis: Vanilla cake filled with chopped bananas, walnuts and pastry cream, with mocha buttercream, chocolate dipped strawberry, chocolate dipped cream puff, ganache, roasted walnuts

The Concetta: Polenta-olive oil cake, red grape & balsamic jam, mascarpone & parmesan buttercream, pan roasted balsamic grapes, Maldon sea salt
The Fiesole: Polenta olive oil cake, honey butter, gorgonzola buttercream, roasted hazelnuts

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