Attempted Cooking is all about the attempts and trials of making food. Most other food sites only mention, and show, the perfect aspects of their recipes. Anyone who has cooked knows that it doesnt always turn out that way. Attempted cooking is about how my cooking never quite turns out right. Rather than present a bunch of “perfect” recipes, the blog is about the process and discovery of how things work together. As with many things in life, it is the Attempts that count.

From burning rice krispy treats to creating a cake from bakers formulas, I try many things, and blog about most.

My blog is for anyone who cooks, because nothing is ever perfect.

About me:
I am a Texan who has been transplanted to Brooklyn, which is larger than any city I have ever known. I finished a Masters in Sociology back home, and decided to leave the Big State for the Big Apple. I applied for MSW programs, to get a micro viewpoint on macro themes. From application to acceptance to moving was 2.5 months.

I moved around up here, from Ritzy to slightly less but still ritzy, to land of the currently gentrifying. I have a smaller oven than my previous NYC places, but a lovely neighborhood full of cheap(ish) food and lots of interesting things at the grocery store.

I love cooking, and I love to eat. Cooking relaxes me. I find the concept of putting together food fascinating, and frustrating. Many of my recipes are off the cuff, and how I actually cook. However, whenever I follow a recipe, disaster almost always strikes. This is a blog about my cooking, both the yummy items, and the failures of my attempts.

Food prices are high, though I try to find deals at my local store, at Amazon, and through a local grocery store that has a delivery service. (Ah, the life of a New Yorker, delivery is amazing!)

I love challenges, and I love learning about and trying new recipes, even if they turn out disastrous. Being exposed to new types of cooking, and cooking new cuisines, expands my off the cuff cooking techniques, which enables me to not get bored with home cooking.

Check out my Equipment page for an expanding list of the tools and fun things I have to work with. And, please, suggest something for me to cook! :)


  1. Hi! I found you on the foodie blogroll and have been happily reading some of your posts.When I first started cooking,it was very stressful for me.I tried to follow different recipes, but they rarely turned out the way I hoped they would. Then I discovered foodblogs!learning to cook became so much easier, and my encounters in the kitchen are much, much better :) Glad to come across your place in the foodieblogroll :)

  2. David said

    I ran across you googling for rotel with habanero, haven’t opened yet, trying to get fell for how hot.
    when I was in ny back in 70s nobody knew what tortillas were and chili dogs were brand new. good pizza, deli and bagels though. and falafel, italian ice.
    just found beer bread, great with butter, not as biscuit like as expected. 3 c self rising flour, 4 T sugar (eyeball a little less), 12oz beer. mix lightly, will be sticky, put in greased loaf pan. put in oven, turn to 350, bake about 30 minutes (little more maybe 40-45 for me), done when hollow sounding when thumped.

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