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Bacon Wrapped and Chicken Fried Shrimp


Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
Take Bacon. Cut in half or thirds.
Wrap around shrimp.
Attach with toothpick.
Fried until done.

Chicken Fried Shrimp.

Make flour mixture (flour, garlic powder, pepper, pinch of salt.)
Make Egg dredge (one egg, lightly beaten, and some milk.)

Dip shrimp in flour mixture, then egg, then flour mixture, then drop in deep fryer. Fry for about 3-5 minutes until done. Eat.

Shrimp Two Ways

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Salad, with Deep Fried Croutons

What better way to work with cooling off hot oil than to fry bread in it? After all, the bread will be used as a topping for a nutritious salad.


So, yeah, having bread soak up oil, while tasty, makes a greasy crouton. I’m not sure if the croutons would have been better if they were more stale and/or toasty before hand, I will have to try that next time.

I am also slightly ashamed to admit that the bread here? It is store bought devoid of nutrition Wonderbread. But it says it has calcium! :)

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