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Yes, this is a cooking blog, but if you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with Cupcakes.

Recently, Serious Eats did a ““Best Cupcake of New York City”. I was delighted to see Robicellis on the list. (Surprisingly, the cupcakes used in the taste test from Robicellis were over a week old! And they still placed 10th in the City!)

(BTW, if you have not seen it yet, go watch the Robicelli’s Cupcake War Audition Tape)

Number one in the city was Baked, based in Red Hook. For me, Robicellis were better than Baked. However, Baked Totally won over my heart with their Red Velvet Cupcake. Why?


Ahem, sorry for the caps. I have no idea where the whole “Red Velvet with Cream Cheese” craze started. The original, and correct, icing is Cooked Flour Frosting. This frosting can be tricky to get right, but it tasted oh so divine.

Surprisingly, I have done only a few cupcakes on this blog.

What type of cupcakes would you like to see?

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Live Blogging Thanksgiving!

3:23:55 PM: I am going to attempt to Live Blog my first Thanksgiving cooking! :) Wish me luck!

3:26:44 PM: Live Blogging Thanksgiving!

3:27:34 PM: I am going to attempt to Live Blog my first Thanksgiving cooking! :) Wish me luck!

3:34:24 PM: I have my coffee, and the pecan pie is in the oven. About to start on the breads for the dressing :)

3:46:59 PM: Eek! Forgot about the cornbread for the stuffing. In the oven that goes!

3:54:35 PM: Mom just called to see if the turkey was out of the oven yet. Nope, doing dinner! :) ETE: 4pm. We shall see.

3:54:46 PM: ETE: Estimated Time to Eat :)

4:14:24 PM: Aaah! Everything is done out of the oven at the same time!

11:47:23 PM: Thanksgiving was a hit! The worst “disaster” is that my pecan pie did not set. Otherwise, excellent!

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Menu Planning

As I am on a limited budget, I am attempting to meal plan.

I attempted OAMC (Once a Month Cooking), but I found that I actually enjoy cooking, so I never used the stuff that was in the freezer. Now that I am in Brooklyn, and thus almost 45 minutes away from my school, I can see the practicality of having food available at home. If I know I can nuke something, it makes it less likely to get food to go in the city before coming home. So, I think my current strategy is to have smaller meals in the freezer, rather than large items, and to make plan overs rather than full freezer meals.

So, the meal plan for this week looks like this:

Monday (last night): Chinese takeout (finally found a decent one in the neighborhood).

Tuesday: Chicken Marsala. Will pick up Marsala wine on the way home, and mushrooms are being delivered.

Wednesday. Will put chicken thighs into the crock pot during the day, to have chicken meat available for Green Chicken Enchiladas. Will post recipe later this week. Will also post procedure for chicken meat and stock. (Very easy) :)

Thursday. Italian Sausage Spaghetti (with planned overs for lasagna.)

Friday. Leftovers :) Or fried rice. Or something, I havent decided yet.

Saturday. BBQ at a friends place :)

Sunday. Perhaps Tikka Masala

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